Spirit of the Earth

The presentation itself consists of a thirty minutes power point presentation on fish biology and habitat which is followed by a hands-on session with knot tying, the proper method of playing a fish when caught, and how to handle a fish. At every school, books are left with the teaching staff outlining fishing in Manitoba.

There are a number of different groups, companies and individuals that have supported this program. They include: Garry and Shawn Gurke of Nueltin Fly In Lodges, Fish Futures, The Fisheries Enhancement Fund, Calm Air, Gardewine and the Manitoba Fisheries Department. This program has been administered by Manitoba Youth Angling Coordinator Don Lamont

 The 2010 Spirit of the Earth Awards were presented by George Campbell, Chair of the Spirit of the Earth Advisory Panel, at a ceremony held in the Galleria area of Hydro Headquarters. A formal luncheon for the recipients followed the Award presentation.

The Manitoba Hydro-sponsored Spirit of the Earth Awards publicly recognizes environmental and cultural activity by Aboriginal people that directly involve Aboriginal people, or non-Aboriginal people working in partnership with Aboriginal communities. The Awards were launched as a legacy of the 2002 North American Indigenous Games.

Over the past seven years, more than 70 awards have been presented to individuals, groups or organizations representing every area of the province, for initiatives ranging community gardensand outdoor educational programs and to cultural activities and events.

To obtain more information about the Spirit of the Earth Awards program, check out the website at www.hydro.mb.ca and click on Environment and then Programs.


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