Grand Rapids is first!


These visits are designed to promote sport fishing and stewardship to the young people of these communities as well as the teachers and leaders of the community. In most cases, Manitoba Fisheries and the local Conservation officers contact the local community school to offer the following.


  • 1) A half hour power point presentation on fish and fish habitat that touches on fish habitat and biology, then expands to include why people fish, how to find fish, and then how to catch them. We also talk about selective harvest, fish as a renewable resource and stewardship of the resource.

  • 2) The second part of the presentation is very hands-on with students participating in knot tying, and tips on how to fight and handle fish.

  • 3) This is followed by a hot lunch and interaction with both students and staff. Teachers are given books and resource materials to further encourage them to use fishing and fish as a way to teach the curriculum. The Provincial Rod and Reel Program strives to reach 1,500 kids in northern Manitoba each year.


The Provincial Rod and Reel Program visited almost thirty communities in northern and central Manitoba over the past twelve years.  The objectives of this project are:


1. Maximize the number of Manitoba youth who are introduced to angling, in a manner that encourages them to both continue angling and become stewards of the fish resource in the process;


2. Provide an opportunity for the youth of remote northern communities to enjoy sport fishing.





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