Cross Lake

Cross Lake was to be our third stop in our tour of the north as part of the Provincial Rod & Reel program. As we left Norway House for the hour and a half drive, road crews were upgrading the all weather road that connected these two communities with the rest of the world.

We also managed to see two cinnamon coloured black bears and one woodland cairibou on our drive.

I was travelling with  Fisheries Technican Elyse Gervais, who was there to help with the setup at Otter Nelson River School along with Natural Resource Officer Brett Wlock. Once again close to 200 Grade Four students attended the hour long presentation and were presented with a new rod and reel to go home with.


On behalf of my grade 4/5/6 class from D.R. Hamilton School in Cross Lake, I would like to thank you for your presentation yesterday at ONR.  My students were excited and were very glad they attended it.  Most of my students went out yesterday and was fishing with their new rods last night.  They are still talking about it today.
Having these types of presentations once in awhile for them makes a big difference to them!  
Thank you again for your interest and your great presentation."
 Jennifer Trevors

Cross Lake is a community of more than 5,000 people located on the east shore of Cross Lake itself. This allows the student access to great fishing throughout the  town.

Cross Lake is also connected to Norway House and Winnipeg by daily flights provided by Perimeter Airlines.

Thanks again to all our sponsors who made this happen. They include Manitoba Hydro, Nueltin Lake, Calm Air, Fish Futures, Perimeter Airlines, Gardewine North and Manitoba Conservation.



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