Norway House part of Rod and Reel program

It was a hot, humid morning as I boarded the Perimeter Airline direct flight to Norway House. It was part two of my journey to northern Manitoba as part of the Provincial Rod & Reel program.

 Norway House is a rural community of approximately 5,000-6,000 people some 30 km (19 mi) north of Lake Winnipeg, on the bank of the eastern channel of Nelson River.

As the plane lifted off it headed some 456 kilometres north east to the gravel strip which connects Norway House to other airports in Manitoba and the world. To drive from Winnipeg it's approximately 800 km (500 mi); from Thompson about 300 km (190 mi). Major economic activities in Norway House include commercial fishing, trapping, logging and government services. Residents of this community also love to sport fish!

Just over an hour later the plane circled over the north end of massive Lake Winnipeg and headed low up the Nelson River to avoid the low hanging cloud. Soon the plane touched down and I was picked up at the airport by Fisheries Technician Elyse Gervais. After a quick coffee at the Manitoba Conservation Office with District Supervisor Glenn Miller, we loaded up the trucks with 250 rod and reel combinations and headed over to the Helen Betty Osbourne Ininew Education Resource Centre. One of the most technologically advanced schools in the province, we were greeted in the cafeteria by more than 200 Grade Four students from both this school and Jack River, who had been bussed over for the hour long presentation that I was to do on sport fishing.












While I was setting up for my presentation Glenn Miller and members of the Fire TAC crew were opening up the cases of rods and reels,  getting them ready to hand out to the students.

It was an enthusiastic group  that listened to the hour long presentation, happy to go home with a rod and reel and desire to try their luck on the myriad of lakes and rivers close to their home.

Thanks again to Perimeter Airlines for supplying the flight north, a bonus that will allow the program to purchase  more rods and reels for the north.



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