Pioneer Camp



Pete Dearborn loves to fish and he likes to empower youth. He is also the program director of Pioneer Camp on Shoal Lake. When you combine those two things the lucky recepients are twenty four campers between the age of eleven and fourteen. These young men signed up for a week long fishng camp on picturesque Cash Island and some of the best fishing in North America. Pete has assembled a group of volunter guides, teachers and parents that contribute their time, boats and expertise to make sure the youth will get a life time experience.


 Pete Hiebert is just one of a group of experienced anglers who donates their time and equipment to teaching these kids during their time on the island. Professional angler Don Lamont also made a guest appearance at the camp on July 18th. It is the third year he has provided instruction to the young anglers.

Lamont conducted an hour seminar during breakfast then took out a number of youth in his boat for the rest of the pike in net

 Manitoba Pioneer Camp offers a variety of exciting programs that specialize in wilderness canoeing and adventure programs both in children's camps and through Wildwise, an out-tripping program. Located in pristine wilderness on two Shoal Lake islands, these Inter-Varsity Faith camps have been providing traditional wilderness camping experiences for children, youth and adults since 1942.  Now they have added a very successful fishing camp.Visit their website at



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