Generation Next Angler and Urban Angling Partnership Fall Fishing Derby

On September 15 in downtown Winnipeg, over 200 people participated in the Generation Next Angler and Urban Angling Partnership Fall Fishing Derby.  It was nice to see so many people considering the event had not occurred for the last two years due to high water levels.

Registration started at 9:00 am, but by 8:30 am a long line was already formed. The derby ran from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Participants fished along the shoreline of the Assiniboine River. By the end of the derby, over 50 fish were caught including 12 different fish species such as channel catfish, walleye, northern pike, sturgeon, bullhead, etc.

The winner of the adult category was Morgan Okuluk who caught a monster sized 37 inch channel catfish.   Morgan walked away with a fabulous boat and motor. The winner of the youth category was Isis Oro who landed a 27.5 inch channel catfish and won a kayak, life jackets, and fishing gear.

The event was free to enter and participants were asked to make a small donation to Marymound School.  The School helps disadvantaged youth who have encountered difficulties in their lives and gives them another chance to succeed.

This year’s Fall Fishing Derby was a great success and was made possible by all those who participated, the numerous volunteers and Winnipeg's great corporate community and sponsors.  A special thanks to Todd Longley for his dedication and enthusiasm for making the event become a reality.  Organizers look forward to next year's event that will even be bigger and better!


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