Miles Macdonnell wraps up another successful year

On Thursday May 30th, 30 students from theMiles Macdonell Angling Club braved high

winds and a forecast of 60-70mm of rain to take part in our 4th annual Buckeyes Fishing

for a Cure derby.

The day started off with a slight drizzle and the fish were being cooperative right from the starting signal

and first cast after 9am. The Miles Mac studentscaught, measured and released 24 fish during the

derby. Shortly after noon, the club decided to call it aday as the high winds and torrential rain made it a bit


miles mac angling club member with drum_1_1

Kudos to the students as they packed up inthe rain, and came back out and spent 15

minutes to do a complete sweep of theRiverbank at Cats on the Red in Lockportand pick up 3 full bags of garbage.

"In addition to catching fish, and cleaning the riverbanks, our club dedicates our der-by to fundraise for a special cause. Together, we used our power as a group to fundraise and give back to charities in need. Our mandate in our club was for those who were able to, to seek pledges from friends and family for the amount of fish caught during our derby. This year, we raised money for 3 charities dear to us. We gave each charity $350 for a total of $1050 raised. Our charities were the 1) Kids Fishing for a Cure Foundation 2) Heart and Stroke Foundation 3) Canadian PBC Society (Liver Foundation)

Our students were rewarded with t-shirts, from MIG Insurance, Hats from Derksen’s Plumbing and Heating, and Golf Shirts from A & P Plumbing for their fundraising efforts.

In addition, we received rods, reels, hats, t-shirts, as prizes for our derby and fundraising participants."

miles mac angling class of 2013_1_1


A very special thanks to Doug Fast of MIG Insurance, Paul Duncan of Derksen’s Plumbing & Heating, Al & Paula Loewen of A & P Plumbing, Don Lamont of Fish Futures Winnipeg, Brent Jakobsen of The Fishin’ Hole, and Aaron Wiebe from Uncut Angling. These community supporters graciously donated the prizes for our derby and fundraising participants. Because of them, all of this was possible.


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