York Landing and Nelson House- Provincial Rod & Reel Program

As we left the community of Moose Lake, the skies opened and rain made the road a slick and muddy. An hour later, I was getting ready to head to Thompson and Part Two of our adventure to the north. Early Wednesday morning I met up with my driver for the day, George, who had the rods and reels packed in his truck for our journey to York Landing. Located on the south shore of Split Lake, it required driving up PTH 260 to Split Lake, then heading over by boat. We arrived at the community about 10:30. After loading up the Hydro patrol boat with lunch and fishing equipment half an hour later we were at this remote community.
Greeted by one of the teachers we quickly set up and soon 100 students were enjoying lunch and a presentation about fishing. Right after school, a number of them headed down to the shore to try out their new rods and reels.

Special thanks to Ivan and Keith for getting us to and from the community by water.

The next day we drove the 85 kilometres from Thompson to Nelson House to present to the Grade 4 to 6 students in this community. Vice Principal John McBain presented myself and Manitoba Hydro with a Certificate of Appreciation after the event.


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