Centennial Students help tag sturgeon on their Reel Solutions Day!

Twenty students from Centennial School in Lac du Bonnet enjoyed a memorable day June 11th at the Seventh Annual Reel Solutions for Youth event. Supported by the Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association with assistance from the MLOA Hunter and Angler Preservation Fund, students received rods, reels and tackle boxes along with a chance to learn from professional angler Don Lamont and Regional Fisheries Manager Derrick Kroeker.  After a seminar on fish biology and fishing techniques, the students were treated to a special event at the end of the dock.
Regional fisheries biologist Ken Kansas along with Kevin from the Whiteshell Fish Hatchery brought some sturgeon into the main dock to show the students the work the department was doing on tagging and long term study of this endangered species. The fish were caught in nets, then transported to be weighed, tagged and aged. More than 30 sturgeon were tagged and released unharmed. Students helped handle the fish and release them.

After a hot dog lunch, the kids fished for two hours off the town dock.


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