Manitoba Youth Angling Art Card presentation hits the road!

Manitoba Youth Angling Art Card presentation hits the road.
Just  over a month to go!

It was a snowy Thursday when students at Alonsa School filed into the school gymnasium to hear a presentation from Don Lamont on the lake sturgeon. This prehistoric species is the fish of choice for the 2016 Manitoba Youth Angling Card. All age groups were present as Lamont shared some of his experiences catching lake sturgeon over the years including a white sturgeon he caught filming an episode of The Complete Angler television series on the Columbia. 
 Don with white sturgeon from the Columbia River

That fishery has been closed for years now in order to ensure the stock of wild white sturgeon survive. In Manitoba, anglers can catch a lake sturgeon but it was to be release immediately.Lamont brought a replica mount of channel catfish to demonstrate the similarities in that species and a lake sturgeon. He explained how sturgeon and catfish both use barbells on the outside of their bodies to track down food.
Students asked a myriad of question about the sturgeon itself and were keen to find out more information at
 Students at Alonsa School were excited to hear about the Youth Angling Art Contest

The next day Lamont headed just north of Alsona, to Ebb & Flow School located a short distance from the shores of Lake Manitoba. It was Lamont’s second visit to this community in the last ten years. Earlier he had conducted an ice fishing presentation, a popular pastime with students and residents alike.
 Cary Anderson helps deomonstrate with the catfish!
Last year entries flowed in from this school and more are expected this year from these enthusiastic students! Along both days to help was Alonsa Conservation District Manager Shawn Gurke and his assistant Cary Anderson. Gurke spoke at the Thursday presentation while Anderson helped the next day. More than 400 students filled the gymnasium for the 30 minute presentation.
 Thanks Ebb & Flow for having us at your school!

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  1. It was nice to have Don out to Alonsa and Ebb & Flow Schools Hopefully this encourages the students to enter the contest and start fishing if they don't already. I know that some of them definitely know more about some different kinds of fish and their anatomy. I know I learned a few things! Thank you Don for coming out we appreciated your visit and your informative presentations! From; the Alonsa Conservation District, Alonsa Community School, and Ebb & Flow School.