Meadows School students learn about the Lake Sturgeon

Professional angler and educator Don Lamont visited Meadows School in Brandon on October 29th to talk about the Manitoba Youth Angling Art Contest. Don was welcomed by teacher Melissa Lander, and an enthusiastic group of students who wanted to learn about the lake sturgeon.
 Meadows School in Brandon

Almost all of the students had caught out fish out of the Assiniboine River as well as other lakes in the region, but none had landed a lake sturgeon. Many were surprised to learn that they did swim in the river. Lamont covered the history of the lake sturgeon in the province and shared some of his experiences catching them. These included the story of a lake sturgeon almost coming on his boat while filming an episode of The Complete Angler television show on the Winnipeg River. Lamont also showed the students a picture of a white sturgeon he had landed out of the Columbia River.
 Columbia River white sturgeon
 Don with a lake sturgeon from the Winnipeg River
Lamont was able to call up the Angling Card website on the whiteboard and compare paintings from past winner and what the judges might be looking for.

All in all it was a great day and we look forward to lots of entries from Meadows School.


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