Ice Fishing is becoming big in Manitoba Schools


By Don Lamont

A couple of months ago I received a request from Warren Collegiate to come out and do a presentation on ice fishing to two Grade 10 Physical Education classes in the school. Long time teacher and instructor Rene Comeault told me a number of his students loved to venture out on nearby Shoal Lakes so he wanted to incorporate ice fishing in the curriculum.  We agreed that February 11th was to be the day. Upon arrival a number of students helped me unload my gear and I set up for a fun afternoon with the students. I started out with basic fish biology and then moved on to the different gear needed to catch fish through the ice. This included augurs, rods and reels, lures and electronics.  As it turns out a high percentage of the students had a great knowledge of the sport, one even guided part time. At the end of the day each student received the winter edition of Hooked Magazine. Thanks students for such a great time. Hope to get out on the ice with you guys in March.
By the way, I am on a committee that is looking at hosting a Manitoba High School Ice Fishing Championship next March, exciting news indeed.


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