Warren Collegiate students hit the ice!

 Becky is all smiles after landing a fish!
Warren Collegiate Part Two:
By Don Lamont
After visiting Warren Collegiate in early February to conduct an ice fishing seminar, Physical Education teacher Rene Comeault was determined to get his students out on the ice as part two of the education process. On March 21st about 30 students, teachers and helping adults made the day a reality. The school bus pulled up to the door of the school at nine am and by ten o’clock everyone was fishing on nearby West Shoal Lake.
 Ethan trying to tempt a fish to bite
  Grade 12 student Ethan Garrett had been on the ice an hour earlier drilling holes in advance and making sure things were right. I had meet Ethan on my first visit and had kept in touch with him on a weekly basis to see how the fishing had been.
 Teacher Rene Comeault celebrates a catch

 While never spectacular it was good enough to make the day an enjoyable one for all of the students. About 35 perch and two pike were caught by the time the students loaded back on the bus at 2:45.  As the day went on, students were introduced to the use of electronics in ice fishing along with different presentation methods to catch the target species, in this case perch.
At the end of the time on the water, I also demonstrated a couple of ways to clean pike so the fillets were boneless. Ethan then showed me a unique way to clean perch. 

All in all a very successful outing and one the staff at Warren will consider for the future. Thanks again students, you were a lot of fun to be around!
 A nice fish to end the day


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