David Livingstone has a new angling club!

Winnipeg has another school angling club. Teacher Michael |Kubas has an enthusiastic group of Grade 7 and Grade 8 students at David Livingstone Community School. The school opened in 1922 and consisted of 11 rooms.   Additions and alterations occurred in 1956-58 and 1968.  A single story addition was constructed to the north of the existing building which included kindergarten and nursery spaces, library, art room, gymnasium and administrative spaces.

David Livingstone School is located in its original spot just off the heavy Main Street traffic and busy Selkirk Avenue.  That also makes it a short journey to St Johns Park. Kubas and his angling club will be fishing there every Wednesday after school after the season opens in the middle of May. In the meantime Kubas is getting his kids introduced to this great life long pursuit. This past Wednesday Angling Educator Don Lamont spent an hour in the school’s library with the students going through a wide range of topics including fish biology, equipment and proper handling. They also received a youth angling card for 2016 and latest copy of Hooked Magazine.
 Thanks for the shirt. I will wear it proudly!

 Thanks again to Michael Kubas for getting these students involved and good luck on the shores of the mighty Red. Gear up will be supplying the club with equipment as part of their mandate. For more information on this great program, visit their website at http://www.hunterwire.com/gearup/


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